IndieGoGo, I'm sorry, I really wanted to like you.

IndieGoGo is a very close competitor to Kickstarter (almost a knock-off, as some might say), and, the principal feature it seems to offer is that there is "all or nothing"; one can have projects that say they have a goal of $\$20,000$, but, they can still get the funds if they only get $\$10,000$ (unlike Kickstarter where if you don't reach your funding goal, you don't get any funds).

This seems like a pretty good idea to begin with, right? Maybe some projects aren't really sure what everything will cost (a good example are software projects; you can make-do with a little less money).

But, IndieGoGo absolutely ruins it.

First of all, they're a perfect case of "the idea isn't everything; execution matters". Their project creation tool is quite a pain to use; the forms aren't validated all that well, file uploads are annoying and broken, and, their rich text editor is quite useless. As a whole, it doesn't feel like a well made application at all.

Next, there's no one checking projects before they enter the IndieGoGo project set (every project on Kickstarter is looked through by a person to see if it fits their guidelines). So, quite like the Android market (or Google Play as it's now called), there's a sprawling collection of projects, most of which are pretty much junk. There's basically no requirements; creative projects are a small subset among people asking to pay for medical bills, going to back to college, charities, etc. And, what happens is that creative projects are often pushed to the side by "sob-story" like "projects".

Another thing to notice is that IndieGoGo (as far as I can see) does not publish any "percent successful" statistics, whereas Kickstarter does, which, I suspect, is because of a very low success rate (not as many funders, and too many junk so-called projects).

So, unless you have to, don't pick IndieGoGo for creative projects; pick a sensible budget and set off on Kickstarter!

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